Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 8

The lecture this week was based on animations. A topic I am not really familiar with. I was surprised at the age of some of the students that had done the animations! I thought it would be aimed at the upper primary school levels, but it is apparent that younger students are quite capable of completing the tasks.
I am a little confused at the, point is not the right word, but the linking it back to a VELS theme or domain. Since it is very time consuming I am worried that spending an enormous amount of time on such activities has limited educational value, once they have grasped the concept of the topic I don't think they necessarily get any more value out of completing the topic in this way. But then again I am happy to be proven wrong. I did like the idea of using film as part of the curriculum, but maybe in a more limited way.

The "me" animation of the lady's face picture everyday for a few years. That was very effective and a great idea to do with a class. A great way of incorporating technology into an everyday life activity.
I guess the real tester will be the technology that is available at the school and their stance on technology in the classrooms!

The workshop today was also on animations.
Here is the first task from

Next task was to go to and make a picture of "yourself" I think I would use this in an ART type of subject, maybe creative writing topic? crete a character to match your story?

Here I am!!

Here is the 3rd task of today from

Here is the link for my first movie - note the reviews!!!

The fourth task (phew, Greg has us working like dogs!!!!) is
This site we used, we looked at the options available to help teach students about animation, lots of blogs of people/animators that create animations.
Rebis was the next idea that was taught. It is animated pictures for word documents to help make a story visual. Can do it on word by turning the pictures into a web page. Im not sure I would use this one in the classroom but never the less worthwhile knowing about it!

Task 5!!! This is from Make a Lego man out of mini mizers tab

Still going....Task 6 from
Not a really good idea if it is not supervised....I sketched an apple, my sketch swap was this!!! I dont think I will use this one in the classroom.

An environmental learning website about environmental issues to educate students. It is interactive and helps them learn as they create a sustainable environment. Me being a greenie at heart, can't wait to use this or a similar program in the classroom, probably grade 4 and above, might be a little complicated for any younger.

Maths reaction game for kids...I won I won!!!! I think this could be used in the younger agee groups, a little boring for the older classes and probably not so educational either!

Task 8 Mudcraft....

Then another one....
with Microsoft word.
The activity was to illustrate to students the importance of using the correct spelling of the words (eg: checker vs chequer) A must for a society with spell check!!!

This was to give us ideas on how to make creative writing fun. A great idea for literacy type classes.
Also to help with reading. By making it interactive it will keep the interest, especially with boys.
Free 3D movie making website for older students.

After all this my brain is numb....end of post....

Week 6 (AKA week 4 for ICT) Games Games and more Games

Today's lecture was primarily about interactive games for school stuents from the This is an awesome website, so much information and so many resources, another site for the memory bank when Im on teaching rounds!
 Greg went through the different areas within the website to give us an idea of the extent of the the resources available This was where we went over the types of games that were available.
I am really impressed with this website and plan to have a really good look into the resources available within it, especially going into placements in a few weeks. I am also planning on using this as a resource for an interactive game for my English lesson planner too.

In the workshop we started with the URL a great resource for teachers teaching about Aboriginal history. It had class activities and ideas on how to teach, it also had explanations of the videos for the teachers to help them grasp the ideas before going ahead and teaching the unit.

The task was to recreate the story that was told in the animation on a concept map in inspiration. I took the main themes from the short clip and pasted them with a quick description of what was happening in each frame. The teachers guide was a blessing as it wasnt clear from the actual clip what the theme was or what was going on at all times. This is a great tool for testing comprehension, and listening skills as well I guess! I am still amazed at the use of technology in the classroom, it's been a long time since I was in primary school, short of where in the world is Carmen San Diego, that was the only education game available. I really am going to have to knuckle down and source all of these resources into the one spot for quick referencing for units of work I will be covering. I am really starting to get excited about being able to use the computers for teaching!
This is the concept map of "The Be"

The second project was making graphs in Excell and making them Jazzy!! Basically this required us to start familiarising ourselves with the Microsoft Excel program.
If I had of remembered to bring my packet of m&ms (not that they would have made it through the day with me being obsessed with chocolate) we were to count the number of each of the colours of m&ms. Once the data was put in the 2 columns we made a graph out of them. Once the graph was done we Jazzed it up! That was the fun part! I constantly use graphs in my job, but never made them quite so nice, much more fun and interesting with pictures! A great interactive way of teaching kids to be able to plot and read graphs without the boring old methods of doing it on paper. Definately a keeper for when I teach the subject.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 3 Blog - Cyber Bullying and Computer Games

This week's lecture was about cyber bullying. Although most people are aware of cyber bullying I didn't realise just how widespread it was among all the technologies (email, text, blogs, messenger, Facebook, Myspace etc), and how easily kids can access the ways to do it. The short clip on Lauren's story really bought it home how kids don't think about the consequences of their actions, how quickly situations can get out of hand and how quickly it spirals out of control and outside sources need to be involved (police).
I was quite impressed to see there are a plethora of resources available online to help educate parents, students and teachers on the issues of cyber bullying. Programs for students to play on to help give them an understanding on what is acceptable Internet behaviour. Also what details they can and cant divulge on the Internet.
If we are going to push technology upon students earlier and earlier in their lives then we also need to teach them responsible usage of the learning tool. I believe it is so important to spend a lot of time educating the students on the dangers of the Internet, especially since it is so unregulated.
It was also worthwhile to know that it is also about educating the students on reporting such activities, a concept I hand previously taken for granted that they would automatically do it. A real eye opener.
This youtube clip that was shown in the lecture really hit home

The workshop started with a learning activity involving getting a frog to jump. Rules were set before we began the task so that we knew exactly what was required. The task was to make the frog jump. In groups of 2 we were to use all the materials provided to make it jump. Very interesting the amount of different ways groups came up with!
The second part of the workshop was to create a quiz using the QUIA program (quia.web). An awesome program, very valid for school children and so easy to use. I have posted a copy of my quiz on this blog.

The next part was to create a hangman program. I used a teddy bear having his balloons burst rather than hangman icon as it is a little nicer to see! I attached a post to see below.

The next part was to create just another type of activity. I chose word jumble. I had a cartoon theme. I posted a screen shot of the page below.

I really enjoyed this workshop, very good program to know about and will come in very handy in the future!

This is the Quiz - I chose Dogs

This is the Hangman Activity

This is the word Jumble I made - Cartoon theme

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Official Blog - Week 1 official

Ok so Im not really a blogging person. Im up with facebook and everything but blogging is something I havent really gotten into so here goes.......
Im Terri, I've just gone back to uni to do my Dip Ed in Primary teaching. I work for a pathology company in the lab as well. Im obssessed with dogs, everything to do with dogs, I own 3 and I am a dog trainer.
Up until today I thought I was pretty competent at ICT stuff....until I used non microsoft products and realised there is a lot I still need to learn!!! Im all for technology in the classroom, I think it will make things a lot more accessable to students. I am not liking not having auto correct on this blog, shows up my laziness with grammar and punctuation.....

I loved the program inspiration that we touched on today, I really want it at home!!!! How many assignments I would have and still could do using that program is amazing. So easy to use and practicial.
Paintbrush...not so sure about. Havent used it much for a good reason. I dont find it user friendly at all so I'm going to have to do a quick refresher on it before next week.
The new (well new to me) ideas to educate children using the programs like inspiration are amazing. The concept mapping program, how easy it is to conceptualise and then to put together is outstanding. The bear concept map that Greg had prepared to show us was so simple yet kids would get so much out of creating something like that. Researching what the bears eat then finding a graphic and maybe a sound or two is not only effective for their ICT skills but research and creativity. I am definately keen to explore that program for its other functions.
The concept map I did, I grabbed a couple of images off the graphics provided in inspiration, but then realised I could add my own. I grabbed some pictures off my facebook site for my personal topics then googled pictures of other topics I had put in my map. I played around with colour schemes, fonts and shapes to make the presentation a little more exciting. It was so easy that primary school aged children would get great use out of an activity such as this, one for the memory bank to use on teaching rounds!

That is all for much reading and research to do these days, on the countdown to mid semester break....hang on that means I have to work full time for both weeks....Il get back with which one is the lesser of 2 evils for that one.

PS just checking out the colour schemes

Over and out

VIDEO: Greensborough's 'million-dollar dog' - People - News - Diamond Valley Leader

VIDEO: Greensborough's 'million-dollar dog' - People - News - Diamond Valley Leader

This is a link to the website where my boy (my dog Oscar) was featured!! He is a star now even if it is local!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 1 & 2 posts - extra info

This is my about me project - A few things that float my boat!!!

This is from paintbrush

This is my mind map project - I am a simple person!!!

These are the projects I worked on in my first class - If only we had more time!!!

This isnt the official week one Blog, this is the images of them...Ive since learnt how to incorporate everything all into one!

Week 2 For some reason my week 2 blog comes up seperately to the rest of my blogs.....please search for it!!!
Here is a quick synopsis of what was in week 2 just in case!

We worked on our posters in publisher today. Publisher was chosen as it is widely available in schools through the microsoft office programs....
Here is my Venice poster